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Safe and Sustainable Disposal of Hazardous Materials

Safe and Sustainable Disposal of Hazardous Materials

Our environmental services offer comprehensive solutions for industries and communities, addressing diverse environmental challenges. From waste management and pollution control to renewable energy and sustainability consulting, we provide expertise and innovative strategies to foster a greener future.


Collection and Transportation System

Our Collection and Transportation System includes the efficient gathering of waste from 1 cubic meter containers and diverse capacity containers of 16 cubic meters. This system requires the provision, maintenance, and regular cleaning of containers of various sizes, along with an adequate number of varied capacity compactors to ensure uninterrupted service.


Disposal of Hazardous Materials in Sanitary Landfills and Recycling Facilities
At El Araby Group, we provide a service for the disposal of hazardous materials in sanitary landfills and recycling facilities. This service is carried out in coordination with relevant authorities and the owners of the materials, following special procedures and protocols. These materials are determined to be permanently disposed of or eliminated by the public authorities or their owners, due to administrative control or the required confidentiality for the disposal of such resources